What is a service like this worth to you? R&P Tax Service will prepare a T1-Adjustment letter, and submit to CRA with applicable information, for $19.95 (GST included). I’ll go a step further: you don’t pay until you receive your additional refund (usually with interest) from CRA! AND, I’ll go even further: what is a service like this worth to you? You decide and if it’s worth anything to you maybe you might consider making a Charitable donation to the Charity of your choice in the amount you decide! How does that sound?

This is a simple process that you can do yourself! If you’re not sure, call me and I’ll guide you through it at NO CHARGE!
How does that sound? Do you need your 2019 T1 General Income and Benefits return prepared? I’ll do it BUT you must have a T4A with an amount indicated in Box 107 (usually Box 14 has the Group Plan number indicated). I’ll prepare your return two ways so that you see the difference!

Depending on the complexity of your return, my fees start at $60.00 (GST included) and my hourly rate is $48.00 (GST included).

Don’t let the fees dissuade you as I am very reasonable and I’m also aware that you may have a Spousal and other Family members returns to prepare.

If you are ready to begin your T1 Adjustment process
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