Is anyone else providing this service?
Not that I am aware of. Your usual tax preparers do not ask for additional information because it would delay you paying their fees. I doubt very much that anyone would do refund discounting based on line discrepancies!

What does R&P Tax Service need from you?
After initial phone call I may require Authorization with CRA. I’ll ask you to acquire a letter from your employer’s human resources department. I’ll ask for the amount in Box 107 of your T4A, and for confidentiality and your privacy protection, the most I’ll need from you is your S.I.N.

I’m absent from work, either short term or long term, and I’m receiving taxable benefits, can R&P Tax Service help? How?
Yes R&P Tax Service can help! The way it works is: CRA already has your T4A information but they do not have important information that your Employer can provide. You obtain the information from your Employer and relay that to CRA through a T1-Adjustment request.

How does R&P Tax Service obtain and relay the information?
Fortunately, modern communication and computer technology allows for the transfer of information over secure lines for processing.

Is this service limited to one Province?
No! I was so excited to learn that this service is Canada wide, including Quebec! I would love to hear from someone in Quebec; and if there is a Tax Preparer in Quebec that would like to contact me, I welcome the opportunity!