Reliable & Compliant

Reliable & Compliant

Conscientious focus on recipients of Wage-Loss Benefits
I’m here for you!

R&P Tax Service is here to provide unique Clients with a specialized service.

This service is for those individuals who are absent from work for extended periods of time and receive a T4A from a benefits provider for wage-loss replacement income.

If you’ve filed prior year tax returns with the exact amount shown on the T4A (Box 107) you have paid too much in Federal Tax!

Due to your health situation, why is it that with your income reduced to 60%, you’re still required to pay 100% of the applicable tax bracket rate? If you have not filed your 2019 T1 General and you have a T4A (box 107) I will prepare your return two ways so that you can see the difference.

All you have to do is obtain additional information and provide CRA with that information. If you file a return without the information, CRA will delay assessment of your return until you verify the information.

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